Physical Activity Support for Primary Schools


Physical Activity Resources

The Chief Medical Officer recommends children do a MINIMUM of 60 minutes moderate to vigorous physical activity (pa) every day, reduce sedentary time and break up long periods of not moving with activity. Schools are responsible for a minimum of 30 minutes, not inclusive of curriculum PE lessons.

Youth Sport Trust – Active Recovery Hub

Access over 350 resources to help children and young people to boost their health and wellbeing following
Covid-19, by promoting being active before, during and after the school day.

Beth Tweddle – Physical Literacy resources

Free online Physical Literacy programme for all schools in the UK.

Youth Sport Trust – After school sport club

Watch recordings from the 30-minute online club with videos made for all children and young people to do some sport, develop skills and have fun!

British Dodgeball – resources

Resources that will help you as players, coaches, leaders or teachers to deliver the sport of dodgeball.

Rugby League World Cup 2021 – Education Hub

Resources to support delivery of rugby league & cross curricular lesson plans.

Rounders England – small games cards

Resources appropriate for teachers and coaches wanting to deliver a variety of activities and games in their rounder’s sessions.


FA – Superkickers

Football challenges to get children active, playing football and sparking their imagination.

Chance to shine – cricket resources

A bank of free resources for Primary and Secondary schools, so teachers can lead their own cricket sessions with confidence.

GOV UK – My Activity Passport

An activity checklist for children under 11. Includes guidance, a foreword from the Secretary of State and supporting resources.

England Hockey – Hockey heroes resources

Hockey delivery and resource cards aimed at primary aged children.

Youth Sport Trust – 60 second physical activity challenges

A fun ‘compete against yourself’ approach to physical activity with a focus on resilience and perseverance and the aim to achieve bronze, silver or gold medal targets.

Department for Education’s online video collection

Creative and entertaining content that helps staff to safely offer 30 active minutes in a COVID-secure environment.

RFU – Kids first rugby

Guide outlining games and ideas for those delivering non-contact rugby in primary school.

Brain Breaks

Government recommendations are that school staff break up long periods of sedentary time with physical activity. Research shows, short brain breaks improve blood flow and reset areas of the brain to encourage information retention and improved concentration.

The Daily Mile™

A social physical activity, with children running or jogging – at their own pace – in the fresh air with friends.

Go Noodle

Games, videos and resources created by child development experts and designed to inspire children to channel their boundless energy–getting them up, moving and becoming more mindful.

Change 4 Life – 10 minute shake up

10-minute bursts of fun to get children moving and count towards the 60 active minutes they need every day!

Marathon Kids – running games

These games require little to no equipment and are a good time for children of all ages.

Active kids do better – active classroom

Ready-to-go videos to help motivate and energise children so they can achieve more.

Mindfulness and Healthy Living

Awareness of mindfulness techniques and a state of positive mental wellbeing will ensure pupils are able to cope with the stress and demands of school and home life as well as meet their learning potential. Moreover, schools have a duty to promote the wellbeing of pupils.

Childline – Calmzone

Try some breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress.

YouTube – Cosmic Yoga

Ad free interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence – and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early.

BBC Teach – Wellbeing resources

Resources to promote the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness in schools project – sit together

Drop-in sessions intended to nourish, support and connect us with each other.


Mind – mindfulness exercises and tips

Provides information on mindfulness, how to practice it and how it can help with mental health problems.

Young Minds – school resources

Resources and materials for teachers and school staff to build their skills and make mental health and wellbeing a core, rewarding part of their job.

Stormbreak – mental and physical health

Equipping children with sustainable skills and coping strategies to thrive throughout life.


Offering a variety of opportunities to participate in intra and inter school competition can provide pupils with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best as well as contribute to a PE Premium key indicator.

School Games – How it works

Resources and information to help schools get started on their journey to the School Games.

School Games – Physical Activities directory
Comprehensive directory of activities and games to support intervention.

Ultimate Frisbee Competition set – up

Thorough guide to KS2 competition & conditioned games.

Sportshall Athletics – Competition resources

Comprehensive guide and structure to Sportshall athletics competitions.

Dynamos – School competition pack

First competitive Kwik cricket playing experience for children aged 8-11.

RFU – Competition and games

Provides detail on how to organise and deliver a Megafest, which continues to be the RFUs choice of playing format for primary years.

Sustainable and Active Travel

Active travel has many benefits; happy, healthier children, improved concentration, reduced congestion &; cleaner air around school. Efforts to promote active travel in school can also contribute to Rights Respecting Schools assessments & PE Premium Indicators.

Living streets – Walk to school resources

A variety of walk to school resources for pupils, teachers, parents & carers.

Bikeability – tools for schools

Tools to help you promote & celebrate Bikeability & activities to support home-school engagement.


Balanceability – It’s fun to ride

Balanceability provides an afPE approved learn to cycle programme for children aged 2½ years upwards.

Sustrans – Big Pedal information

Information page on the benefits of active travel & information on The Big Pedal.

THINK! – Road Awareness resources

Lesson plans, documents, films & games designed to support pupil’s learning around road awareness & safety.


Inclusivity in school is essential and is the first of the 5 key PE premium indicators. Resources designed for children with special educational needs and disabilities as well as adaptations and differentiation indicators could help ensure all pupils receive the same opportunities.

YST – SEND PE activities

PE resources to support in-school and remote learning for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or those attending Alternative Provision schools.

Activity Alliance – Get Active

A range of resources that can help engage more disabled people.

Activity Alliance – FREE inclusive PE training

Free training workshops and resources for teachers, trainee teachers and school staff

Change 4 Life – accessible activities

Adaptations and resources to suit children with additional learning needs.

Special Olympics – MATP®

Designed to prepare athletes with severe or profound disabilities for sport-specific activities that are appropriate for
their impairment.

Panathlon – discovery

A phased programme of activities based on the competitions that would normally be delivered for SEN children.

Active Lessons

Ofsted’s beyond 2012 action plan recommends, ‘teachers improve pupils’ fitness by keeping them physically active throughout all lessons and engaging them in regular, high intensity vigorous activity or sustained periods of time.’

Teach Active – resources and lesson plans

Active English and maths lessons for teachers and school staff. Written by teachers, for teachers.

Imoves – resources and lesson plans

Over 1800 lesson plans, videos and resources designed to encourage active learning.

BBC Teach – Supermovers

Fun curriculum linked resources to get your class moving while they learn

Classrooms in motion™ – Active students, engaged learners

Activities that incorporate movement into the classroom, encouraging more physically active lessons.

Active at home

Children of primary school age should be doing AT LEAST 60 minutes of activity every day in order to stay healthy. With schools responsible for 30 minutes of this, parents and carers are accountable for the ensuing 30.

YST – Garden Games

Garden games with a sporting twist for all the family to try. This resource pack includes par for the course, skip to it 1 and 2, and trials and trails.

Energize – Active Families

Ideas to keep your family active – indoors at home, in your garden or any local outdoor space available.

YST – Active board games

Classic board games with a sporting twist for all the family to try. This resource pack includes bingo, connect four, jigsaw and arrows, snake and ladders, and sportopoly.

UK Coaching – guide to staying active at home

Information designed to equip parents with the key skills and knowledge needed to enable them to help their children develop and sustain a positive relationship with physical activity.

Online Safety

It is important that schools manage and mitigate the risks associated to online teaching and learning. Substandard ‘cyber-hygiene’ could impact on school’s ability to function and its legal obligations to General Data Protection Regulations.

National cyber security centre – resources for schools

Downloadable copies of cyber security information cards for schools.



NSPCC & 02 – Net Aware

Resources and guidance on apps, games and social media sites.

Internet Matters – e-safety

A selection of resources you can use in the classroom with children or use our parent pack to continue the online safety conversation at home.

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