Liverpool Active Workplaces

We’re excited to announce that the Liverpool Active Workplaces programme is back for 2021!

It enables any organisation that employs staff within the borough of Liverpool to access a package of free support to help get their workforce more active.



Free package of support for employers during Covid-19


It makes business sense to get involved


Evidence shows that an active workforce improves business performance:


  • 27% fewer sick days are taken by staff who are physically active
  • 91% Liverpool organisations reported improved staff communication and morale when taking part in the previous Liverpool Active Workplaces programme
  • £14.64 return for every £1 invested
  • reduces turnover
  • improves Corporate Social Responsibility

82 organisations from across the city signed up to the 2016/17 Liverpool Active Workplaces programme, and as part of Liverpool’s aim to be the most active core city in England we are delighted to confirm that organisations employing staff in Liverpool are now eligible to sign up to the 2021 Liverpool Active Workplaces programme for FREE!

Although we are in unprecedented times and in economic uncertainty with the impact of Covid-19, the health and wellbeing of employees is an even greater priority for employers. We recently surveyed businesses in Liverpool, with 91% reporting that staff health & wellbeing has reduced as a result of Covid-19, and 85% said that staff don’t feel as connected to each other.

As we move through the different phases of the lockdown and easing of restrictions, there is a real opportunity for businesses and employees to start to adopt new behaviours that could result in better productivity, healthier staff and a greener environment.

What your organisation will receive:

Liverpool Active Workplaces is here to support your organisation, and by signing up your organisation will receive a free package of support that includes:

  • Resources, activity challenges and group activities (* once lockdown restrictions ease) for employees to help encourage them to be more active, and more active whilst working from home
  • Workshops for managers about how to improve staff health & wellbeing, and peer support training for colleagues
  • Workplace Toolkit – a practical guide to implementing workplace activity initiatives and signposting to sources of support
  • Access to the Liverpool Active Workplace Conference, learning events and further staff consultation support


Becoming an active workplace is quick and simple by filling out the form below – join in with the growing network of organisations across Liverpool who have signed up to the initiative, supporting Liverpool to become the most active core city in England.

For further information about Liverpool Active Workplaces please contact Danny Woodworth (MSP) via or call 07730 028773.

The Liverpool Active Workplaces programme is part of the Liverpool Active City Strategy, which is resourced via a partnership between Liverpool City Council, NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and strategic stakeholders.

Liverpool Active Workplaces Conference

Shake out of the pandemic – how moving more can be the gamechanger that gets your business back to health

10.00am to 11.30am Wednesday 19th May 2021

Online (via Zoom)

Click here to book your free place

In this inspiring and engaging event you will hear from Liverpool business leaders about transitioning back in to the workplace and how to realise the business benefits of having a more active workforce.

You will also hear from local organisations who have implemented physical activity initiatives and the difference that it made, plus find out more about the 2021 Liverpool Active Workplaces initiative and the raft of free support and resources that your organisation can access.

Liverpool Active Workplaces is a partnership between:

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