The #PassOnYourPassion campaign is back for 2019 with the Northern Tour!

  • The campaign aims to recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of inspirational female coaches (a term we use here in its widest sense to include instructors, activators, motivators and helpers).
  • It also asks them to share their enthusiasm and passion for coaching with the next generation.

The Northern Tour (16th September –15th December 2019), features the symbol of the campaign – a giant baton – being handed across 13 different areas of the north to represent the passion being passed on.

The baton is in Merseyside from 25th November to 1st Dec and MSP are out and about with it meeting existing female coaches who have been nominated to receive recognition for their work. We’ll be presenting them with #PassOnYourPassion certificates of recognition and encouraging them to identify other women and girls who they can encourage and mentor to be part of the next wave of female coaches in the county.

If you’re a woman or girl who would like to find out more about how we can support you on your coaching journey visit our coaching and volunteering bureau page.

Watch our video to:

  • meet just some of the inspirational female coaches in Merseyside
  • find out why it’s important we inspire more women and girls to take up coaching
  • see how you can take the first step to get started…

#PassOnYourPassion was piloted by Greater Sport in Manchester in 2017 and was then rolled out by the Active Partnerships in the North – with the support of Sport England.

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