A double issue of ‘a view from the board’ from co-opted board member Liam Corcoran and MSP Director, Tom Douglas

Back when life, in the UK at least, was still normal our February board meeting took place as planned. Below co-opted board member Liam Corcoran and MSP Director Tom Douglas share some of the highlights of that session.

A view from Liam:

The first board meeting of 2020 was held at MSP Headquarters on 6th February.

For all of us it was a very sombre occasion and a time for reflection. This was the first meeting since the sad untimely passing of our influential board member Ron Odunaiya. We all missed Ron’s presence but we shared compassion and the pride of working alongside him at MSP. Our thoughts were with his loved ones and close friends and of the legacy his impact will leave on our sector and especially MSP for a long time. RIP Ron.

As always, the meeting was led thoughtfully and with purpose by our Chair Cameron Jones. Cameron is now nearing the end of his first 4-year term as MSP Chair. At this meeting our Vice Chair Mark Coups proposed that the board vote to ask Cameron to consider a second term. The board members were unanimous. Cameron accepted. All at MSP look forward to the continuing development of MSP alongside Cameron’s leadership.

The first part of the meeting was spent hearing, reviewing and supporting an excellent presentation from our Director Tom Douglas. Tom delivered insight, analysis and recommendations from his first months in the post. The presentation included plans that will allow MSP and Merseyside Sports Foundation to continue to develop and thrive.

Later in the morning we had an excellent review of the Active Workplaces Project from MSP Physical Activity and Sport Officer (Adults) Danny Woodworth. The project is going from strength to strength. Danny has excellent plans to expand the work to widen the benefits of staying active and moving in the workplace.

We also discussed proposals from external evaluation specialists regarding Board Evaluation which is a critical element of Compliance for Sport England Tier 3 Governance.

The business review section included analysis of The MSP Risk Register and an overview of the organisation accounts and projections.”

A view from Tom:

“At our last board meeting, we spent some time looking to the future and the direction MSP will take over the next 4 years. One key aspect was the role of Board Chair.

Cameron Jones, VP at Unilever, has been in this role for the past 4 years and it was time for re-election. Cameron confirmed he was keen to stay in post to support us on the next steps of our journey, looking at how we evolve MSP to build on the strong results we have already, into the future. It was great to see this proposed, seconded and confirmed by other board members. Under Cameron’s leadership we will have a great opportunity to embrace the new Sport England Strategy and local landscape in LCR. This will help us shape the new strategic direction for MSP, ultimately inspiring the many people of Merseyside to be active every day.”

To see the full official minutes please head over to our governance section

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