1. Purpose

To promote MSP as a strategic, dynamic and progressive organisation enabling people to be active every day thus improving their quality of life through sport and physical activity.

2. Principles

Each member agrees to work co-operatively to achieve the objectives of MSP Strategy adopting the following principles:

  • Be advocates for sport and physical activity
  • Embrace the values of inclusion and equality
  • Advocate good practice in relation to safeguarding standards
  • Adopt an outcome focussed approach allowing for local flexibility and innovation
  • Uphold the seven principles of public life
  • Foster openness and productive debates amongst members
  • Promote continuous improvement and celebrate achievements
  • Recognise that partners will be at different stages of development
  • Apply independent thinking and objectivity
  • Motivate and inspire others

3. The Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability of the Board Members are to:

  • Support the Chair in the leadership of a high-performing Board
  • Be advocates for sport and physical activity
  • Set the strategic framework for MSP
  • Act in the organisation’s best interest
  • Act consistently with legal duties/legislation
  • Support the development of funding opportunities
  • Monitor MSP Balanced Scorecard
  • Champion and raise the profile of MSP
  • Mentor MSP staff on specific areas of work
  • Review financial information received on a quarterly basis against a rolling four-year financial projection to aid future planning
  • Ensure effective communication with key stakeholders and partners
  • Stay abreast of new developments and trends to ensure that MSP is able to respond positively and effectively to them
  • Establish task groups to work on specialist projects as determined by the Board
  • Read papers and reports in advance of board meetings and respond appropriately
  • Actively participate in an annual self-review

4. Recruitment, Selection, Induction and Development of MSP Board Members

Recruitment & Selection

  • The Board is identified and selected based upon skills, experience and competencies in order to ensure that all agencies involved in the provision and development of sport and physical activity across LCR are fully explored.
  • The recommended size should not exceed 12 board members, with at least 25% of Board Members as independent non-executive directors
  • Chair, Senior Board Member and Board Members will be recruited for an area of expertise in a particular field, and may represent one or more fields of skills, experience or competencies rather than any particular organisation.
  • The role of Chair will be advertised through an open process based on skills, experience and competencies (as defined in the recruitment and selection pack). The chair will serve a period of four years with an option of extending for a further two years, subject to the agreement, not exceeding a maximum of six years in total. When the Chairman reaches the end of their term, members of the Compliance, Scrutiny & Nominations Group (CSNG) can re-appoint for a further term of two years

  • Board Member roles will be advertised through an open process based on skills, experience and competencies as defined in the recruitment and selection pack. The members will serve a maximum period of two terms of three years. When members reach the end of their term of office, the Compliance, Scrutiny & Nominations Group (CSNG) after consultation can re-appoint for a further term of one to three years.
  • Senior Board Members(non-executive) will be elected by the board. This person will serve for a maximum period of two terms of three years.  When this person reaches the end of their term of office, the Chairman can re-appoint for up to a further three years in consultation with board members
  • Returning Board Members are only eligible to reapply following at least four continuous years spent at the end of the maximum term served
  • All newly appointed Board Members will complete an ‘HMRC Fit and Proper Persons Declaration’
  • Board Member appointments will be staggered so that all new and re-appointments do not coincide
  • Co-opted individuals may be recruited in response to specific challenges or opportunities


  • MSP’s Board members are non-salaried positions. Travel and other reasonable expenses can be reimbursed in accordance with MSP expenses policy


  • All new Board Members will receive a one to one interview and induction with the Chairman and Director prior to attending their initial meeting
  • Board development days will take place in order to continually improve the effectiveness of the group

  • Board members may be required to attend conferences, workshops and high profile events that have a direct benefit to their role as a Member on behalf of MSP

5. Conflict of interest

  • Group members must declare any personal or business interests which may conflict with their responsibilities as Members annually and before each meeting as part of the agenda of items. Interests are defined as:
    • Pecuniary Interests: these arise from a Member’s connection with bodies which have a direct pecuniary interest or from being a business partner or, being employed by, a person with such an interest
    • Non-pecuniary interests: these include those arising from membership of club or other organisations
  • At meetings, members must declare under the agenda item at the start of the meeting whether they have an interest, pecuniary or other, in the matter being considered
  • If a member has a pecuniary interest in an item being discussed they should leave the meeting while that item is discussed. If a member has a non-pecuniary interest they, together with the Chairman, will decide whether the member should:
    • Leave the meeting while the item is discussed
    • Be allowed to remain in the meeting while the item is being discussed, but should not be allowed to take part in a discussion or vote
    • Be allowed to speak on the item but should not vote or be allowed to speak and vote on the item

6. Administration

  • The Board will hold a minimum of four meetings per year or as determined by business needs
  • Meeting agenda and action notes shall be agreed between the Chairman and Director of MSP, circulated 7 days prior to the meeting
  • Actions notes and associated documents will be produced and distributed two-weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting
  • Administration duties will be provided by MSP
  • Meetings will be held at a nominated venue
  • The Chair and Director will review membership of the group an annual basis
  • The Director will update the board membership diagram on an annual basis to reflect any changes in membership
  • A minimum of 50% attendance of board members is required in order for a meeting to be quorate

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