To challenge and act as a peer mentor for MSP Director in terms of finance, human resources and contractual compliance in accordance with the Delegations of Authority: Financial and Non-Financial status as listed in the appendix on pages 8 & 9 of the full Governance Framework 2017-2022 document and report to Board.



  • To lead the recruitment and selection process of board members as per terms of reference
  • To conduct annual skills assessment of board members identifying skills and knowledge providing developmental opportunities and up-skilling for board members and the core team
  • To ensure succession plans for orderly appointments to the Board and to key positions within senior management are implemented
  • Upon identifying skills gaps within the membership, the Compliance, Scrutiny & Nominations Group will in consultation with board members produce a job description and seek appropriate recruitment
  • To act as peer mentors to support the Director
  • To support the Director in the recruitment of staff in accordance with Liverpool City Council (LCC) human resource processes and procedures
  • To undertake the Director’s annual performance and development appraisal in line with LCC human resource processes and procedures
  • To evaluate MSP’s Board performance and provide an opportunity to identify and address strengths and vulnerabilities to enable the Board and Chair to better fulfil its functions
  • To provide a sounding board for the chair and act as alternative contact for stakeholders in the event of any concerns regarding the organisation
  • Support the Director in personal development opportunities


  • To scrutinise, monitor and challenge financial reports provided by the Director of MSP containing detailed budget management of income and expenditure against a three-year cash flow in accordance with LCC`s financial processes and procedures
  • To provide summary finance reports to Board to aid future planning
  • To approve and submit the necessary cabinet reports to receive external funding in a seamless and concise way, both delegated authority and full cabinet approval reports
  • To monitor and challenge contractual obligations in terms of performance outputs and outcomes
  • Appropriate measures to ensure that MSP uses resources efficiently, economically and effectively as per financial processes and procedures
  • Accountable for Freedom of Information requests through Liverpool City Council
  • To review and approve annually MSP Governance Framework as per monitoring sheet
  • To accompany the Director in six monthly performance reviews with Sport England where possible


  • Director of LCC Community Services
  • Chair of MSP Board
  • Senior non-executive Board member lead
  • Non-executive Board Member
  • Director of MSP
  • Financial Manager (LCC) – Advisory capacity


  • The group will meet (remotely or in person) a minimum of four times per year determined by the group
  • Agendas and action notes will be prepared and distributed by the Director of MSP one week in advance
  • Meetings will be held at a nominated venue
  • Minimum of three people in attendance is required for a quorum
  • Outcome of actions reported by Director or Chair as part of full board meetings

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