What is the Active Lives Survey for Children and Young People?

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey gives anyone working with children aged 5-16 key insight to help understand children’s attitudes and behaviours around sport and physical activity.

This national survey, commissioned by Sport England, provides a world leading approach to gathering data on how children and young people engage with sport and physical activity.

Understanding young people’s attitudes and behaviours towards physical activity is important for us to be able to shape opportunities for them to be active.

Why should my school take part in the survey?

Taking part in the survey makes schools eligible to receive a Healthy Schools Rating. The Department for Education healthy schools rating scheme celebrates the positive actions of schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating whilst identifying the next steps for schools to further improve their provisions. You can opt in to the survey to be eligible to receive your rating.

  • All schools who take part will receive a school report based on their results, provided enough responses are received.
  • Reports are created dependent on the years surveyed, with separate reports for infants, primary and secondary schools.
  • The requirements for receiving a report can be found here. 
  • Schools who are part of the random sample will also be eligible for vouchers for sports and wellness equipment from ESPO. The 2022/23 brochure is available here.

If your school has been selected to take part please visit our participating school page click here for more details.

Catalogue of equipment

Administering the survey

  • The surveys are web-based and can be completed on desktop computers, laptops or tablets and take around 30 minutes to fill in.
  • Links will be sent to participating schools once they have agreed to take part.
  • Three year groups are randomly selected by Ipsos MORI to take part.
  • Only one class per year group will need to complete the survey. If there is more than one class in a year group there is a simple process to select which will take part. MSP will provide details on this methodology.
  • For secondary schools, there are two different surveys:
    • Pupils survey, years 7 to 11
    • Teachers survey (one teacher per school. In most cases a teacher involved in PE will be best placed to complete the survey but this is flexible)
  • For primary schools, there are four surveys
    • Pupils survey, Year 1-2
    • Pupils survey, Year 3-6
    • Teachers survey (one teacher per school, in most cases a teacher involved in PE will be best placed to complete the survey but this is flexible)
    • Parents survey (only when a year 1 or 2 class is selected)

Support from MSP

We will provide you with the following support to help you complete the surveys:

  • Supply letter templates for parents.
  • Provide details on the class selection methodology.
  • Provide guides to help teachers administer the survey.
  • Share good practise.
  • Answer any questions related to the survey.

How to get involved

MSP will contact you when your school has been selected to take part via a letter and an email.  You can also click the button below to see if your school has been randomly selected during the current term.


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