Business planning is not only important when starting an organisation, but also when you plan to make a major change or start a new initiative.

A good business plan covers four key elements; clarifying your business idea, spotting potential problems, setting out your goals, and measuring progress. So, it’s no wonder that the best business planning is backed by a strong evidence base.

How MSP can help

From understanding who your potential customers are and competitor analysis, to setting out objectives and outcomes, MSP has years of specialist, Liverpool City Region-centric expertise. Whether you’re looking to build new sports and physical activity facilities; host new activity sessions; or have a totally new business idea, we can help you to deliver future-proof, viable opportunities, aimed at the region’s communities.

You can ask us to come on board with you to tackle organisation-wide planning, or alternatively, to support you on a particular aspect of a business plan. We can also offer help with evaluation, by creating an evaluation framework specifically tailored to your organisation. Establishing an evaluation framework sets out clear objectives and outcomes for your business and also creates a solid base in terms of demonstrating impact against agreed goals.

To organise an initial consultation to discuss your business planning needs, get in touch.

We practice what we preach. We’ve designed our own impact model to demonstrate our impact and can help you do the same for your organisation.

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