The most successful organisations in the world have one important thing in common – they really understand their customers.

But you don’t have to be a major multi-national corporation to reap the benefits of better customer understanding.  And, there doesn’t need to be money changing hands for someone to be a ‘customer’.

In the sport and physical activity sector ‘customers’ could be members, centre users or participants. They could equally be wider stakeholders such as funders, partners or key influencers. The challenge of nudging people into healthy, active behaviours requires an understanding of what motivates these people.

The world and customer expectations are evolving, this includes how people want to consume sport and physical activity. Offering functional products and services is now, rarely, enough. Sessions and projects must be demand-led and tailored to target markets. The rising demand for ‘pay-and-play’ memberships and the abundance of 24-hour gyms* are just two examples of how sport and physical activity are changing to fit what modern customers want.

In the age of 24-hour supermarkets, Netflix, Amazon Prime delivery and Google customers have an ever expanding array of choice and the ability to consume at their own discretion.

By understanding the changing landscape and customer expectations you can provide a better experience, get better feedback, create operational efficiencies, grow your organisation, and ultimately create customers with such a strong emotional link to your product that they become ‘fans’. However, understanding your customers is more than just asking for feedback from those people that currently engage with you.

How MSP can help.

As specialists in research, data and insight for the sport and physical activity sector, we have over 10 years of experience in both market research and understanding the people of the Liverpool City Region. From working with local authorities to get an understanding of the customer dynamics across a whole borough, to small localised projects helping charities and sports clubs understand and engage hard-to-reach groups, we can help you with every aspect of getting to know your customers and identifying the strategies needed to engage them.

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    *Source: State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, 2017, ‘This ‘golden age of fitness’ is perfectly illustrated by the low cost market of gyms that has continued to be the main driving force behind the private sector growth over the last 12 months. There are now over 500 low cost fitness clubs which account for 15% of the market value and an impressive 35% of membership in the private sector’.

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