Research, data and insight linked to sport and physical activity is no longer just for universities and elite athletes.

These days, things have changed, and everything from the biggest-scale sport and physical activity projects here in the Liverpool City Region, right down to the smallest funding applications by local clubs, are likely to have precise impact measurement conditions attached to them. Relying on a good local reputation and network is no longer enough to guarantee funding.

Where do I start with research, data and insight?

If the 3 words ‘research, data and insight’ are enough to bring a furrowed brow of confusion to your face, or you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start with measuring impact then our Research, Data & Insight Workshops are for you.

Starting with the very basics, they aim to explore everything from what the terms research, data and insight actually mean, right through to how you can use them all to understand your customers, benefit your organisation and meet funding requirements.

You’ll leave our sessions better able to meet the demands of the new, more customer-driven world of sport and physical activity; more equipped to demonstrate the worth of yours or your organisation’s work, and better placed to secure and keep funding in a competitive marketplace.

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