Demonstrating impact in the sport and physical activity sector has never been as important as it is today.

In an age of austerity, where funding is harder to come by, organisations have to be in a position to prove the worth of their projects and services.

It’s no longer enough to simply state plans, offer up participation figures and say sport is good ‘because it is’; funders and investors are looking for tangible evidence that you’ve devised outcome-driven sessions or projects, met your objectives and fulfilled their funding conditions, as a return on their investment. Add to this stiff competition, with multiple organisations going after the same pots of money, and you begin to see why demonstrating impact isn’t just important, it’s critical.

But demonstrating impact isn’t just about meeting the requirements of funders and investors. When done well, it can actually be incredibly beneficial to both individual organisations and the sector as a whole.

It can:

  • make sure organisations are getting the most out of the money they have, by spending it in the right places
  • make it more likely an organisation will secure funding for future projects based on being able to evidence a successful track record of effective spending
  • ensure participants are receiving the maximum benefit from projects or sessions
  • prove the wider impacts of sport and physical activity, beyond simple physical health or recreation

‘…physical activity adds £39bn to the economy each year.’*

The good news too is that many funders allow (and even encourage) applicants to put some of the money awarded towards monitoring and evaluation, including buying in external help.

How MSP can help

Not every organisation has the expertise or capacity to gather impact data on their own. So MSP has a range of services to help that are tailored to your needs.

As specialists in research, data and insight for the sport and physical activity sector, we have a unique set of skills to help you measure your impact.

From the biggest to the smallest projects, we can help you to meet the conditions of your funding and to demonstrate that your project or service is achieving the right impact.

We can offer:

  • participation and health data gathering
  • market segmentation data collation and participant profiling
  • data visualisation, including mapping
  • focus group and 1-to-1 interview facilitation
  • survey design and distribution
  • evaluation and impact analysis
  • access to our proprietary Impact Model tool

To discuss how we could work with you to meet your impact demonstration needs, get in touch.

Source: *DCMS, Sporting Future 2015: ‘Physical activity adds value back into the economy in a very big and tangible way. In fact, physical activity adds £39bn to the economy each year and half of this comes from individual’s involvement in grassroots sport.’

Archery photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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