Announcing our new CEO of Merseyside Sports Partnership

Merseyside Sports Partnership is excited to announce the appointment of Justine Blomeley as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Justine brings a wealth of experience and a passion for community engagement that will drive the organisation forward in its mission to promote sports and physical activity across the Merseyside region.

With a strong background in sports management and strategic leadership, Justine Blomeley is ready to lead Merseyside Sports Partnership forward. Her extensive experience includes roles in sports development, program management, and partnership building, making her a valuable asset to the organisation and the Liverpool City Region. 

” I am Justine Blomeley, the new CEO at the Active Partnership for Merseyside and Liverpool City Region. I come from having spent 10 years at Sport England where I have worked in the Communities Directorate, the Local Delivery Directorate and latterly the Place Directorate. I started my career training to teach PE in 1990 at Liverpool John Moores University so Liverpool and the region has always had a special place in my heart and I feel a passion for the people and the place. I then taught secondary PE for 10 years in Blackpool and then 10 years working in the Local Authority in Blackpool working as a PE Adviser to 40 schools and also managing the then School Sport Partnership. I am a public servant at my core – what drives me is a sense of wanting to help to make a positive difference to people’s lives through movement, physical activity and sport. 
This is the end of week four and I am excited by what I am seeing and the people I have met with already. I have been spending my time getting to know the lie of the land, spending time with the team doing a deep dive to start to understand where we are as a team and to start to see what is needed going forwards. As a team we have attended two events The Collaboratory run by Together an Active Future – the Place Partner in Pennine Lancashire and GM Moving’s Conference – both have provided me and the team with food for thought for our work going forwards. It was good to spend time together as a team out of the day to day. 
I also attended the Winter School Games Athletics and this too has given me food for thought. 
I’m starting to spend time with Local Authority colleagues and get dates in the diary to come together. 
On Tuesday this week I joined an amazing session that Teri and Jen had organised with a group of women who all run small organisations that were funded through the Together Fund – these women do amazing things with women in their communities and some of the stories how they have helped women to become active and what this has in turn done in helping women from all sorts of different backgrounds, facing all sorts of challenges was immense and awesome in equal measure! 
Suffice to say its already been a busy 4 weeks but I’m really excited for the future and look forward to meeting many more people from across the region as we move forwards in our role and work as an Active Partnership on behalf of the City Region.” 

About Merseyside Sports Partnership:

Merseyside Sports Partnership is a leading organisation dedicated to promoting sports and physical activity across the Merseyside region. Through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and community engagement, Merseyside Sports Partnership strives to improve health, well-being, and social cohesion for individuals and communities.

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