How our partners rate us

Listening to our partners is really important to us.

It helps us make sure we’re providing the right services in the right way and evolving our offer where that’s needed.

We currently send out two annual surveys:
the MSP Partner Satisfaction Survey and the Active Partnerships Partner Survey.

See some of the key results below

Responses from the MSP Partner Satisfaction Survey 2018/19

182 surveyed. 69 respondents

The statements that best-described respondents’ experience of the service MSP provides…


  • 70% were ‘delighted’ with MSP’s ability to ‘add value to their work’
  • 61% said we provided ‘an inclusive and collaborative approach’ to making physical activity happen
  • 75% recognised our ‘professionalism and helpfulness’
  • 73% highlighted the ‘quality of support and advice’


The statements that best describe our partners’ relationship with MSP…


  • 66% indicated they were were ‘delighted’ when asked to respond to the description ‘Trusted Partners: The relationship is organic, authentic and based on mutual trust and respect’
  • 58% told us they were also ‘delighted’ when asked to respond to the description ‘Collaborative: Co-creation and co-production goes beyond shared budgets’

Our Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)| Source: MSP Partner Satisfaction Survey 2018/19

Based on the question ‘On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend the services provided by MSP to a friend or colleague? (0 being highly unlikely and 10 being extremely likely)’

Evolving our offer

Joint development opportunities our partners would like us to explore:

Theme area – networking:

    • “Partnership introductions and support to build relationships.” | National Governing Body of Sport
    • “I would like to be clearer about the whole sporting landscape as I feel a bit out of touch and be clearer as to where we can access support, and also join networks to develop more joint projects.” | Sports Club


Theme area – Strategic partnership

  • “The creation of a strategic vision for sport and physical activity across the LCR.” | Local Sports Development Team

Theme area – Collaborative working opportunities

  • “Joint working opportunities. Research & statistical analysis.” | Local Sports Development Team
  • “More mental health initiatives, working closely with us. Supporting programmes to enable youths and young children to turn their back on gangs (knife crime)” | Local Sports Development Team

Theme area – Business opportunities

  • “Support with increasing physical activity for workforce.” | NHS Service Provider
  • “Signposting to a range of local events in one easy-to-find place that we can then use to promote to our staff.” | Public Sector Organisation

Areas we could improve to add value:


  • “Could the [MSP] broker relationships of a corporate social responsibility nature with employers and community clubs.” | Sports Club
  • “Strategic planning across the Liverpool City Region. Acting as a catalyst for collaborative projects.” | Local Sports Development Team”
    “Help with ongoing marketing to the community.” | Sports Club
  • “Share any newsletter” | NPS® score ‘passive’ respondent


Responses from the Active Partnerships Partner Survey 2018/19

Qualitative feedback

Theme: Partnership working

  • “We’ve had a very proactive and successful working relationship with MSP for several years now. MSP has assisted us in developing valuable Satellite Club projects, which we have delivered and that have undoubtedly made significant, noticeable changes for the improvement of our young peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing.”
  • “The approach is friendly and flexible, with the aim of making the partnership worked based on the organisation rather than a standard approach that is expected to suit all.”
  • “At the heart of communities, bringing hope and activity to place”


Theme: Delivery

  • “They run some innovative projects that really inspire our service users”
  • “Coach Education 10/10 forging a relationship in other areas and we hope this score will improve.”


Theme: Advocacy & leadership

  • “Forward-thinking with a real interest in improving people’s lives”
  • “They actively encourage all sectors of the community to be active, both physically and mentally”


Theme: Networking:

  • “Network and contacts to connect you to the right people or organisations in sport”


Open feedback question responses:

  • The strongest theme was around the added value that MSP brings – including our approach and how it’s flexible and ‘needs led’ as we tailor our support
  • Other partners recognised how our products and services affect end users positively i.e. the physical and mental benefits that they provide
  • Overall, instances where partners have endorsed MSP are due to the fact that they recognise a natural fit, where they’ve identified that MSP can provide a solution to a problem that a partner/colleague has


‘What we can do to make your recommendation more likely?’

  • “Continue to support and promote the benefits offered by short walks for people who want to get more active.”
  • “Continue to work closely to achieve common goals”
  • “Nothing – MSP is spot on in the way they do things.”
  • “Very happy – no concerns”
  • “Be more engaging with key partners, make them feel valued and involved with the partnership.”
  • “Work more closely and in partnership. Keep us in the loop and draw on our experiences and contacts to achieve desired outcomes.”

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