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We do this by using the power of sport and physical activity to keep people’s bodies and minds healthy, prevent illness and add quality years to life.

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Relaunching our successful initiative centred on pregnancy to meet the needs of mums-to-be during the pandemic

Research shows that being active around pregnancy, in other words ‘before, bump, birth and beyond’ can have long term health benefits for women and their babies. That was the original motivation for MSP helping to launch the BeFit4Baby initiative, to engage both healthcare professionals and women themselves.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the UK in 2020 the initiative was rapidly relaunched to meet the needs of pregnant women during lockdown, when accessing usual ante-natal classes became impossible. Central to the re-launch were free live online workout classes suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy.

Visit the dedicated web page



Number of views of the BeFit4Baby online video workouts in the first 5 weeks of them going live

(across Facebook and YouTube)

FEATURED | Bowl For Health

The initiative that’s on a roll when it comes to tackling loneliness and inactivity

‘Bowl for Health’ is an eight-week programme designed for complete newcomers to bowls, providing an overview of the basics and how to play a match.

The idea was developed and successfully piloted in 2017 by Formby Village Sports Club (formerly known as Holy Trinity Bowling Club) in Formby with support from MSP, and is now being rolled out by more clubs across Merseyside thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and Liverpool City Council with support from our stakeholders.

Watch our video case study about the project…


Family members engaged in physical activity and sport through MSP

Figure shows progress as of March 2020, three years into a five-year plan. (Five-year target of 1000)

FEATURED | The Daily Mile™
Encouraging children to jog or run, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day

Read about how many schools we’ve got moving with
The Daily Mile™

See the benefits just one of our Merseyside schools has got from The Daily Mile™…


5-11-year-olds leading an active life
in schools through MSP.

Figure shows progress as of March 2020, three years into a five-year plan. (Five-year target of 3,800)


Why we believe it’s important to enrich people’s lives through sport and physical activity.

Everyone stands to benefit from being active, no matter their age, sex, race or ethnicity, health condition, shape or size.

Not only does being physically active enrich people’s lives, it saves them. Persuading inactive people to become more active could prevent 1 in every 6 deaths from all causes [1]. In Merseyside, 37.5% of people are not reaching sufficient levels of activity to benefit their health [2]. Children today face a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Moving is an essential part of healthy living, yet huge social and technological advances have engineered opportunities to simply ‘move’, out of our daily lives.

Being physically active can help prevent and manage over 20 chronic conditions and diseases, including some cancers, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and depression [3].

The people that will experience the greatest health benefits to their lives are the groups those that are most likely to be physically inactive, we know this from Active Lives data that these include: women and girls, disabled people, those in lower socio-economic groups and older adults [4].

It’s why we, as an Active Partnership, come together with other like-minded partners and organisations to create positive, meaningful change for people across Merseyside.

[1] Public Health Matters, (2020)
[2] Sport England (2018) Active Lives Survey
[3] HM Government, Sporting Future: A new strategy for an active nation (2015)
[4] Sport England, Towards an Active Nation (2016)


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