My Active Work Life – move more and stress less at work

My Active Work Life is here to help you feel better at work, both physically and mentally, by showing you simple and easy things that we can all do as part of a busy lifestyle to move more whilst we’re in work – even if you’re sat down for most of the day.

Moving more at work can help you to:

  • boost your mood and reduce stress
  • improve confidence and self-esteem
  • have more energy and feel more alert
  • get better sleep
  • improve your concentration and memory

Everyone can get from being a little bit more active – even if you don’t feel that you’re ‘sporty’ or ‘active’, and you actually don’t need to do that much physical activity to start feeling some of these benefits!

What’s on this page…

We’ve put together a pick’n’mix selection of options and ideas to get you moving more at work, including:

  • top tips to be more active at work
  • downloadable guides
  • sign-up to our newsletter
  • videos and inspiring stories from Merseyside employees

Have a look around and see what’s on offer…

Keeping active if you’re working from home during the COVID-19 crisis

Your place of work might look a bit different at the moment – many workers across Merseyside are now switching on their computer from the comfort of their own four walls rather than heading into the office.  This change in our daily routine can seem strange, and it’s tempting to move around less in your home, especially if you’re doing work in your PJs!

But there’s still lots that you can do when you’re at home to keep moving throughout the working day.  We’ve pulled together a few simple suggestions and resources below that you could look at doing as part of your new routine.  The key is doing something that you enjoy, and mixing it up with different activities or goals:

The team here at MSP has also pulled together a COVID-19 Being Active page with further links and resources, including suggested exercises for those with families and for those looking for something more gentle.

Move more at work

Being active at work doesn’t mean:

  • lifting weights at your desk
  • sprinting down the corridor
  • walking in to your 10am meeting in full lycra

It’s just about building more movement in to your daily routine, especially if you spend most of your day sat at your desk or in meetings.

  • take the stairs instead of the lift
  • park a little further away from the office
  • use a toilet on the next floor up/down, rather than the one that’s nearest to you
  • walk over to your colleague instead of sending an email
  • stand up when you’re on the phone
  • go for a walking meeting, or have an active meeting

Active Meetings

Can’t go for a walking meeting? Make it an active one! See our video and table-top guide below…





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Increase your step count

  • How many steps do you do on a working day? Check out free apps on your phone such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, Runtastic, Pacer to see how many steps you do, then aim to gradually increase it
  • Have a go at the 9 week NHS ‘Couch to 5k‘ programme, where you start off from a walking pace up to being able to jog 5k (3.1 miles) – downloadable training programme and podcasts available
  • Join the #ActiveSoles movement and wear your trainers with pride at work!  Tweet your pictures in to us at @MerseysideSport

Anyone for table tennis?

Table tennis is a really popular activity in the workplace – great for letting off a bit of steam and socialising with your colleagues.  You don’t even need a table tennis table to play, as MSP have table tennis ‘instant sets’ that you can borrow for your workplace – check out the video below and contact if you’re interested in getting involved.




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