Ways to report a concern

Whilst the sport and physical activity sector has put in place a range of practices to reduce risk, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure any concerns are highlighted to the appropriate bodies.

No matter what kind of concern you have, if you are at all worried then it is important to act.

  • If a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger please call 999.
  • If you are a child or young person who is worried about something that is happening to you please contact Childline on 0800 1111, or visit their website for more help and information.

As well as using one of these options, or in cases were you don’t feel someone is in immediate danger, but do have concerns you can also raise a concerns with us at MSP. Through our processes we’ll make sure that it’s raised with the appropriate body. You can do this whether you are worried about the health or wellbeing of a child, young person or vulnerable adult, or equally about the behaviour of an adult.

  • For non-urgent reporting get in touch with us using the form below, or contact us directly (during office hours, 9am-4pm Mon to Fri) 

Report a concern to MSP

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