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We do this by using the power of sport and physical activity to grow teamwork, leadership, resilience and confidence.

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FEATURED | #PassOnYourPassion Northern Tour 2019

Celebrating female coaches and encouraging them to ‘pass on their passion’ for coaching to the next generation.

Pass on Your Passion is a campaign which celebrates the brilliant female coaches we already have within our area and asks them to “pass on their passion” for coaching to the next generation.  In this case, the term ‘coach’ is used in its widest sense to include instructors, activators, motivators.

Following a pilot delivered by Greater Sport in Manchester 2017, the active partnerships in the North adopted the campaign, taking it across the whole of the Northern region.

Watch the official MSP #PassOnYourPassion Northern Tour film

See how we used a ‘first-ever ‘train workout class’ to raise awareness of the #PassOnYourPassion campaign


Read about the impact of #PassOnYourPassion in Merseyside here


Potential new female coaches directly engaged by the 2019 Northern Tour

(figure does not include those women who may also have been inspired to explore coaching after seeing the promotional material)

FEATURED | Volunteer leader and coach development

See how we partnered with Greenbank Sports Academy to deploy Department for Education funding and boost skills.


Coaches, leaders, activators or volunteers attending a training course, workshop or CPD opportunity directly organised by MSP.

Figure shows progress as of March 2020, three years into a five-year plan. (Five-year target of 2,500)


FEATURED | Our seat on the Liverpool Charity & Voluntary Services Volunteer Co-ordinator Forum
Increasing our advocacy and influence potential and enabling promotion of MSP’s offer for volunteers

Why we believe it’s important to develop skills for life through sport and physical activity

The impact that physical activity and sport can have on an individual can be transformative.

Increasingly now, physical activity and sport is being used as a vehicle for empowerment. Whilst there will always be a core of enthusiasts who enjoy sport for sport sake, there are many more that are quite happy to take part in more informal sessions, preferring to reap the vast range of soft skills that come from getting active beyond the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that are widely known.

Whether people are actively taking part or providing volunteering support, people’s confidence and self-esteem stand to benefit as well as their leadership skills and teamwork capabilities1.


[1 ] Join In (2014), Hidden diamonds: Uncovering the true value of sports volunteers

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