The Association for Physical Education Taskforce Advisory Group

AfPE have recruited a high-level strategic taskforce, to make focused recommendations to the government and to shape the future of physical education.  

Underpinning this high-level group, is the Task Force Advisory Group for whom Kerry Stewart, Strategic Lead for Business Improvement for MSP will:

  1. Have the opportunity to submit evidence and feedback against the questions drafted by the core group;
  2. Be encouraged to submit wider evidence on the key areas of school re-opening in light of COVID-19, future reviews of the curriculum and teacher training, the role of PE in the delivery of broader social outcomes and extra-curricular provision;
  3. Have first sight of the recommendations and have further opportunities to input before these are made public;
  4. Give oral evidence to The Taskforce – being called to give evidence will be selected by the core group.

There was an overwhelming response from the sector to join this group and Kerry is delighted to have successfully secured a seat at the table. This also compliments MSP’s Board, as Sue Wilkinson, AfPE’s CEO is a valued and long-standing member of MSP’s board.


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