We work to improve wellbeing

We do this by using the power of sport and physical activity to enhance people’s enjoyment of life and make them feel good by boosting self-esteem and happiness.

Explore just some of the impact we’re making below.

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FEATURED | My Active Work Life

MSP launches service to empower employees to get the benefits of being more active around their working day

Moving more at work can help people:

  • boost their mood and reduce stress
  • improve confidence and self-esteem
  • have more energy and feel more alert
  • get better sleep
  • improve concentration and memory

So, in 2019, to complement our Active Workplaces service for employers, we launched our My Active Work Life support employees to make positive changes to their workday for themselves.

Visit the dedicated My Active Work Life page.


People subscribed to the My Active Work Life newsletter by June 2020

FEATURED | Reducing anti-social behaviour through sport

Collaborating with Widnes Police and TrustRYouth CIC on using sport to shape lives and communities.

Read the case study

Live your life drop the knife was founded in Runcorn by TrustRYouth CIC in response to rising violent crime and knife crime against residents of Halton. The campaign hopes to educate young people that it’s not OK to carry weapons, that it’s OK to run away and that there is always an alternative option – to Live Your Life and Drop The Knife.

So, when MSP responded to request from Widnes Police to provide opportunities for local residents to use their parks more productively and tackle anti-social behaviour, we identified an opportunity to support this fantastic project through the satellite club programme.

Watch Liverpool Local TV’s coverage of the initiative, featuring MSP team member, Kyle.

Find out more in our news article



Young people aged 14-19 years participating in satellite clubs.

Figure shows progress as of March 2020, three years into a five-year plan. (Five-year target of 1,670)

FEATURED | NHS employee consultation with St Helens & Knowsley Hospitals  

Helping staff to have their say on health and wellbeing.

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust employs approximately 7,000 colleagues. Amongst them are around 350 staff in sedentary roles. The trust partnered with MSP to understand staff activity levels better and shape and changes around the workplace to help them feel the benefits of getting active.

Why we believe it’s important to improve wellbeing through sport and physical activity.

Beyond enriching our physical state and extending ‘how long’ we live, we’re equally focussed on bettering people’s mental state so we can make a difference to ‘how well’ those years of life are lived.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. This health condition is the biggest cause of death for 20-34-year-olds in the UK and is set become the leading cause of death globally by 20301. To put this into perspective, if Merseyside was a village of 100 people, on average 10 children aged between 5-16 would have a mental health disorder and on average, 18 adults would be suffering from Depression2.

Studies have shown that physical activity is effective for improving mental health, by improving sleep, improving our mood, managing stress and anxiety, improving self-esteem, reducing the risk of depression and increasing connectedness with people around us3.

We’re collaborating with a diverse and ever-growing range of partners to improve our outreach into communities to reduce the differences between people and communities from different backgrounds.


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