Sport and physical activity have the power to do so much more than simply improve physical health. We know that by leveraging them correctly communities can enjoy:

  • an improved sense of togetherness
  • a contribution towards decreased crime and anti-social behaviour
  • improved mental wellbeing and reduced stress
  • local economy benefits, through more active workplaces
  • empowerment to drive change locally
  • the opportunity to upskill
  • reduced levels of loneliness
  • greater community pride

Meeting the challenges

Engaging groups and the individuals within them isn’t always straightforward.  It can be a challenge to attract people who aren’t that interested in sport, or those who aren’t passionate about formal training.

MSP understands the communities in the Liverpool City Region and know the techniques to embed behaviour change and attract people into community provision. So, we’ve tailored our Active Communities offer with that in mind, to ensure we provide the right support for organisations and individuals wanting to see the wider benefits of sport and physical activity in their community.

Who we work with

We work strategically with a range of partners to create the conditions that mean sport and physical activity can happen within communities in the Liverpool City Region. Those partners include:

  • local authority public health teams and Public Health England
  • clinical commissioning groups
  • NHS trusts
  • GPs, nurses and clinicians
  • voluntary, community and social enterprise groups
  • housing associations
  • The Richmond Group of Charities
  • local authority sports development and leisure providers
  • sports clubs

We welcome discussions with potential new partners too. So, if you have an idea that could unlock the power of sport and physical activity for communities here in the Liverpool City Region and want to discuss the potential to work together on it get in touch.

The work we collaborate on is designed to benefit people at different life stages

Children & Young People:

With this particular group it’s critical that we establish sport and physical activity habits for life. We support their school careers through our Active Primaries and Active Secondaries offers, plus we’re also developing services aimed at further and higher education.

And, to help children stay active as they transition from school to adult life, we facilitate the Satellite Club programme in the Liverpool City Region on behalf of Sport England; offer our Youth Insight Learning; and frequently engage with youth-focussed groups.

Working age adults:

We support initiatives to engage people, both in and outside of employment.

Our Active Workplaces programme empowers businesses and organisations from across the region to tackle sedentary behavior, benefitting both their bottom lines and their employees’ wellbeing.

Meanwhile, adults with low participation levels, including those with health conditions; families; and women, are another key focus for us.

Older adults:

Older adults represent a further priority for us, given low levels of participation in sport and physical activity amongst this group. Facilitating sport and physical activity in later life helps maintain wellbeing and combat loneliness.


For adults of all ages we offer training, through our Active Learning services, to empower communities to upskill and run with projects themselves.

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