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The sport and physical activity landscape has changed radically in recent years. In a climate where money is hard to come by, proving that sport and physical activity is having a real, demonstrable impact is now essential. Funders want to know what kind of results their investment is achieving. Customers, with more choice than ever, want to see real-time results; new ways of thinking; and inclusive ways to get active, that fit around them and their busy lifestyles.

That’s why research, data and insight are 3 little words that can make a big difference. They’re the key to designing the right services; running them efficiently; and demonstrating that they’re delivering planned outcomes. Plus, they’re also the key to future-proofing your organisation or club.

How MSP can help

With over 2 decades’ experience getting under the skin of behaviours and attitudes around sport and physical activity here in the Liverpool City Region, MSP are well placed to support you in gathering data and turning it into actionable insights that can drive participation; in designing interventions based on research; plus, in demonstrating the impact of your projects and services.

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