NHS employee consultation with St Helens & Knowsley Hospitals

Helping staff to have their say on health and wellbeing.

Read about the challenge, our role and the active difference this project has made

The challenge 

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust employ approximately 7,000 colleagues, predominately across their two main hospital sites in St Helens and Whiston. 
They also have around 350 employees based at their Alexandra Park satellite site, mainly comprising of support functions and administrative service staff that are not patient-facing. .

These employees are more likely to be sedentary, and MSP’s research found that 59% colleagues didn’t meet the minimum physical activity guidelines and on average staff spent around 6 hours of their working day being sedentary

Our role

In October 2019 MSP carried out an Active Workplaces consultation survey with employees based at Alexandra Park. 

We worked with the Clinical Head of Health, Work and Wellbeing to establish a set of questions and metrics that would allow employees to share their views on what changes could be made in order to improve their physical activity levels and general health and wellbeing.

The survey was also designed to provide a baseline of quantitative measures that the Trust could look to improve on moving forward, enabling them to report back to the Executive Team to indicate progress made.

After the consultation had been completed, MSP produced a summary report and recommendations and helped the Trust to put actions in place to respond to the challenges and opportunities that staff had put forward.

The active difference

  • Just over 200 responses were collected and collated, accounting for 58% of the employees based in the building
  • This has allowed the Trust to build an accurate and representative figure of staff activity levels and health & wellbeing levels, which has resulted in the production of a 9 step action plan specifically designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of employees based at Alexandra Park
  • After reviewing the action plan, the Trust have also allocated some additional resources to help implement some of the recommendations
  • A group of wellbeing champions on-site will be trained up as Workplace Physical Activity Champions, and will help to encourage colleagues to join in with initiatives such as lunchtime walks, using exercise equipment on-site and promoting greater use of active travel
  • We have also helped to create a connection with a nearby gym facility, allowing staff to have discounted sessions and access to shower facilities

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