‘A view from the board’ – Mark Coups, Sports Management & Finance Expert

MSP’s October Board Meeting was held at the Firefit Hub Youth Zone in Toxteth, Liverpool and welcomed both board members and MSP team members alike.

Most notably, this was the first board meeting with MSP’s new director, Tom Douglas. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge from the world of business and boasts successes as manager of the Ikea store in Leeds as well as in senior management positions with ASDA, Tesco, and Lidl.
Tom’s extensive experience within the business sphere will undoubtedly allow MSP to fulfil its short and long-term goals and become more sustainable overall going into the future.
It is absolutely brilliant to have him on the board and I know, from my work as the Chief Executive Officer at England Lacrosse, that good business knowledge is what allows organisations like MSP to complete their aims and look forward to bigger and more ambitious projects.

This is certainly an exciting time for MSP and Tom’s knowledge will allow us to meet the demands of the wider health agenda as well as deliver on a greater number of collaborations with other organisations, such as the successful one we currently have with the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership.

During the meeting, the Staff Satisfaction Survey results for April 2018 to April 2019 were reviewed. It was really excellent to see staff morale had gone up right across the organisation, when compared with the last survey, and this will further help us in our quest to create future exciting projects and collaborations with other organisations within our sector.

In addition, we learned of the extensive relationship mapping exercise that has been undertaken by the team.
In total, 266 different stakeholders have been identified and ranked and, in due course, we will discuss as a board the strength and productivity of these relationships and make improvements where we can with regards the current landscape and the direction of these relationships going forward.

There were also updates on:

  • two Workplace Physical Activity Champion training session pilots with JobCentre Plus, Huyton
  • work to recruit and deploy 37 volunteer leaders and coaches in support of the school games
  • the successful engagement of 15 organisations with the Active Workplaces programme through the Merseyside Business Games
  • specifics around the relationship with the Health & Care Partnership Prevention Board and the identification of physical activity as a key component in the success of the Zero Suicide, Zero Stroke and Reducing Alcohol Harm programmes
  • the potential for the Beat the Street activity gamification approach to be implemented in Merseyside
  • the 100% achievement against Q2 targets for satellite clubs
  • the fast approaching milestone of a third of all Merseyside schools being signed up to The Daily Mile™  since MSP began supporting it
  • the engagement of non-traditional partners, including third sector organisations, to widen our impact
  • MSP’s role as a partner in engaging the sport and physical activity sector in the Violence Reduction Unit

At the end of the meeting, we discussed, with the new director, Tom, what MSP’s priorities should be in the coming months and years; these will be decided formally and discussed at the next board meeting on 16th January 2020.

And with that, I’d like to wish everyone associated with MSP a happy, healthy end to the year as we approach the festive season. See you next year!

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