The Group will work to enable effective delivery of high quality opportunities aimed at equipping children and young people with the ability and desire to contribute to their own social, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through physical education, physical activity and sport across the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

Additionally, the group is to oversee the delivery and monitoring of the School Games and other interventions for 0-25 year olds across LCR


Each member agrees to work co-operatively to achieve the objectives of MSP’s Strategy, adopting the following principles:

  • Be advocates for sport and physical activity
  • Embrace the values of inclusion and equality
  • Advocate good practice in relation to safeguarding standards
  • Adopt an outcome focussed approach allowing for local flexibility and innovation
  • Up hold the seven principles of public life
  • Foster openness and productive debates amongst members
  • Promote continuous improvement and celebrate achievements
  • Recognise that partners will be at different stages of development
  • Apply independent thinking and objectivity
  • Motivate and inspire others


  • To provide a forum of experts that will develop and influence the direction of physical education, physical activity and sport for children and young people across LCR
  • To provide high level advocacy and influence at a county and local level to support and direct the primary purpose of the group
  • To identify and develop joint priorities between education and sport in order to combine outcomes and maximise impact on all children and young people across LCR
  • To take informed decisions from data, information and local intelligence to identify, enhance and improve the provision of physical education, physical activity and sport for children and young people across LCR
  • To be the accountable body for the effective delivery and monitoring of the School Games (MSG) and to receive reports from the Operational SG group
  • To input progress against strategic objectives into MSP Balanced Scorecard, monitored by MSP’s Board every six months


MSP’s CYP Strategic Outcome 2017-2022 is to enable children and young people to lead active lives through physical activity or sport.


  • The members will consist of a maximum of eight identified individuals who are deemed suitably positioned to contribute to the group’s objectives. Members will be selected through an open recruitment process based on their expertise, knowledge and skills
  • The Group will build and maintain a close connection to Young Person Advisory Groups across LCR
  • Guest members can be invited to the group determined by the agenda
  • MSP’s Strategic Lead for CYP will facilitate the group and report through the Balanced Scorecard Summary to Board


Group members must declare any personal or business interests which may conflict with their responsibilities as Members annually and before each meeting as part of the agenda of items.

Interests are defined as:

  • Pecuniary Interests: these arise from a Member’s connection with bodies which have a direct pecuniary interest or from being a business partner or, being employed by, a person with such an interest.
  • Non-pecuniary interests: these include those arising from membership of club or other organisations
  • At meetings, members must declare under the agenda item at the start of the meeting whether they have an interest, pecuniary or other, in the matter being considered.
  • If a member has a pecuniary interest in an item being discussed they should leave the meeting while that item is discussed. If a member has a non-pecuniary interest they, together with the Chairman, will decide whether the member should:
    • Leave the meeting while the item is discussed
    • Be allowed to remain in the meeting while the item is being discussed, but should not be allowed to take part in a discussion or vote
    • Be allowed to speak on the item but should not vote or be allowed to speak and vote on the item


  • Four times per year or as determined by the group at a location suitable to the group
  • Agendas and minutes service to be provided by MSP
  • Chair to be elected by the group
  • Individuals / organisations to be invited as guests in attending meetings to support the desired outcomes of the group

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