Come and shape the future of physical activity in health!

Opportunities are available for new members to support the work of the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Population Health Board Physical Activity Subgroup.

We are keen to expand the group membership with people who have strategic expertise in the areas of Primary and Secondary Care, Social Care, Education, Voluntary Sector and Transport/Active Environments. However, we are interested in applications from anyone who thinks they can help add value to the work of the subgroup.

The vision for the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Population Health Board Physical Activity Subgroup is to work with partners across the sub region to strategically direct and oversee the implementation of a Physical Activity Strategy, which will result in improved health and wellbeing for the people of Cheshire and Merseyside through Physical Activity, focusing on tackling health inequalities, taking a whole-system approach, identifying opportunities for prevention at scale, and helping to make sure that physical activities in local areas that everyone can access are promoted and easily accessible to residents.

The Physical Activity Subgroup is accountable to the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Population Health Board, whose vision and strategic objectives are: 

VISION: We want everyone in Cheshire and Merseyside to have a great start in life and get the support they need to stay healthy and live longer

Strategic Objectives:

  • Improving population health and healthcare
  • Embedding the use of population health management data to direct and inform activity
  • Tackling health inequality, improving outcomes and access to services
  • Enhancing quality, productivity, and value for money
  • Helping the NHS, Councils, Voluntary Sector, and other business sectors to support broader social and economic development


The Physical Activity Subgroup was created in 2020, and typically meets once a quarter alongside some more regular working groups for those members with particular areas of expertise; so far, the members involved in this work have contributed to us collectively making tremendous strides in the journey towards our long-term ambitions – to support 150,000 inactive people, within the areas of greatest health inequalities across the sub-region to be more active by 2026. Therefore, improving health outcomes with local population needs and reducing the cost and reliance on the NHS. Come and join us and help shape the future!


What are the benefits of getting involved?

  • Help shape and guide decisions that will positively impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people
  • Help build your network and support your own personal development


What are the member responsibilities?

  • Supporting the strategic oversight, framework, and priorities to increase physical activity levels across the region at scale, ensuring that the work is in co-ordination and partnership across all agencies
  • Offering expert advice to inform the implementation plan for the Physical Activity Strategy  
  • Ensuring the scope and approach for increasing physical activity levels is defined and follows best practice
  • Supporting communication and engaging with stakeholders and members of the public. Members would have a personal responsibility to disseminate key messages within their area of practice and any plans as part of all other boards and meetings that they attend


How do I apply?

To apply to join the subgroup please follow this link and complete the short form by 4pm Friday 11th February 2022. We will aim to contact all applicants by Friday 25th February ahead of the next Subgroup meeting at 2pm Wednesday 9th March.

For further information, questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Danny Woodworth or Roger Elliott  You can also click here to read more about the work that MSP, Active Cheshire and stakeholders are doing around the health system.

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