MSP team up with Transform Lives Company to support employee mental health

People in workplaces across Merseyside are telling us that they are struggling; morale is low, motivation is down and stress levels are up as a result of lockdown and Covid-19.

MSP have teamed up with local experts Transform Lives Company to put together an engaging and interactive 90-minute live online workshop for employees to learn practical top-tips about the positive effects of mindfulness and movement, called ‘Mental rest for the frustrated and stressed’.

The workshop is designed to help employers to book their workforce’s:

  • morale and mental wellbeing
  • productivity
  • resilience and ability to cope with stress
  • skills, with practical top-tips to come away with

Across the 90-minute workshop employees will be taken on a journey through two sessions:

  • the first part session explores the effects of stress on the body. Positive stress is part of performing well but excess negative stress leaves us out of balance, unfocussed and often feeling anxious and short tempered. With a few easy-to-follow techniques we will provide solutions that will help you to bring some much-needed calm into your day
  • the second part of the session is all about boosting your mental health through movement; removing that sluggish and zoomed-out feeling that you get when you’re at work, allowing you to have more energy and be better able to cope with the day to day stresses that come along.  You’ll come away from the session with some practical top-tips to try from home/your workplace and some handy resources to help you along your journey – and we promise that you don’t need to sign up to a gym or run a marathon!

A live and interactive ‘Mental rest for the frustrated and stressed’ workshop costs £400 for up to 25 people – with negotiable discounts for larger or smaller organisations.  For further information and to book a course for your organisation please visit contact the TLC team via 


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