NHS North West Games – Badminton

The badminton mixed doubles competition will be held on Sunday 9th October at Lord Derby Academy in Huyton as part of the Family Fun Day. If there’s enough time and sufficient interest from players, then we will also schedule a men’s doubles and women’s doubles tournament.

Enter a mixed doubles (one male and one female) team from your Trust – n.b. Trusts can enter more than one pair. Due to demand from previous years, we will also allow employees from different Trusts to participate together in a pair.

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit this form – this will be sent from the email address merseysidesport.wordpress@gmail.com and may appear in your junk folder.

If you are having any problems with this form then please contact d.woodworth@merseysidesport.com

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    Click here if you would like to participate, however you do not have a full team. MSP will then get in contact with your Trust to see if any colleagues would like to join you in your team, or if you could make up a hybrid team with employees from other Trusts

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