Two national campaigns to have on your radar moving forward



We Are Undefeatable, the campaign that targets people with long-term health conditions and encourages them to get and stays set to ramp up once again during Feb/March, with a further burst anticipated around June/July, subject to the changing picture around COVID-19.

Liverpool City Council’s Sport and Recreation team, though their Fit For Me campaign, as well as their counterparts over at Wirral Council are already linking closely with We Are Undefeatable.

Given the increase in people living with a long-term health condition being predicted due to the ongoing effects of some people’s health of COVID-19 the campaign is set to be one that’s likely to resonate with an even greater number of people going forward.

The campaign is currently partnering with UK Coaching to upskill the workforce, in terms of coaching those with long-term health conditions (LTHC). Plus, there’s also work being done to foster greater confidence amongst healthcare professionals in recommending physical activity to this cohort.

The latest webinar recording updating you on the success of the campaign so far and looking at what’s planned is available here. If you’re not already signed up to the supporters’ hub to access assets that you can use with your audiences then you can do that here.


Fit Together:

Led by UK Active this campaign is currently focussed on driving home it’s ‘We are essential message’. Using the hashtags #Fitness2Me and #FitTogether it’s aiming to drive awareness and impact around the role the fitness and leisure sector plays in supporting our nation’s health. It also backs up the call for financial help for the sector.

  • In order to continue to make as much impact as possible it asks that you engage with the social campaign #FitTogether, publishing posts that reflect the message ‘we are essential’.
  • Post member testimonials using #FitTogether
  • Post images/videos from any online content being delivered #FitTogether
  • Post images/videos of how your community is being supported, even during lockdown via digital platforms #FitTogether.
  • Repost/share their key statistic social tiles using #FitTogether

You can download the full campaign toolkit to help you get behind it here.

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