Active Lives Survey Results (Nov’ 18/19) & the coronavirus crisis

2019 feels a lot like a different world. However, data just released showing activity levels across England for the 12 months to November ’19 shows trends that offer Merseyside a baseline of positivity to work from as the physical activity and sport sector works out ‘what next?’ following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The statistic shows that three of the boroughs in Merseyside (Halton, St. Helens, Wirral) enjoyed an uplift in the numbers of people classed as ‘Active’ (~6%). Meanwhile, they also show a decrease in the number of people in Merseyside that are classed as ‘Inactive’: which, given that one of the hardest transitions is moving people from ‘Inactive’ to ‘Fairly Active’, is a fantastic trend to see in the data.

The national statistics also show, however, that there is much more work to do. For instance, the statistics show that those in lower socio-economic groups were 18% less likely to do any sort of fitness activity compared to those from the most affluent groups. Given the spotlight that coronavirus has shone on inequalities, it’s challenges such as these that the sector will particularly need to address.

To support the physical activity and sport sector to both build on the pre-crisis positives and also to adapt to this strange new world MSP will be offering support to help adaptation, innovation, and recovery.

You can find details of just some of the support available as well as details of how to get in touch with us on our dedicated COVID-19 web page.

You can read more about the Active Lives Survey National report on the Sport England website. Plus you can also view the latest available data from the survey on this page of the Sport England website.

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