Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership Prevention Board

About the board

The Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership Prevention Board works with partners from across the sub region to strategically direct and oversee implementation of improved health and wellbeing for the people of Cheshire and Merseyside. The Board does this by promoting good health, early detection of signs and symptoms and improved recovery and enablement for those with ill health. They report into the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership.

Prevention at scale is a key strategic driver for the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Care Partnership.  Place based prevention programmes are developed and implemented in Primary Care, Secondary Care and the Community.  The prevention programmes enable a shift upstream within all of the Health & Care Partnership’s cross-cutting themes. Physical Activity is one of those themes.

MSP’s role

Together with our neighbours, Active Cheshire, we sit on the Prevention Board and co-chair the Physical Activity Sub Group. We develop strategic plans and priorities to increase physical activity levels across the Cheshire and Merseyside region at scale. We ensure that the work is collaborative with our many partner agencies across the region and that data and expert advice informs the creation and implementation of action plans.

Working with our partners in the Health Prevention Agenda helps us build strategic relationships and identify ways to bring workstreams together where scale is achievable, supporting the NHS Long Term Plan. It’s enabled us to develop closer ties with our partners in Active Cheshire and ensure Physical Activity is at the heart of the Prevention Agenda.


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