Sector encouraged to get behind new ‘Join the Movement’ #StayInWorkOut campaign

In its recent coronavirus statement Sport England outlined the two sole strategic priorities that it’s currently focussing on.

  • Supporting the sector: Action to ensure it comes through the current crisis in as strong a position as possible
  • Keeping the nation moving: Doing everything they can to encourage people to stay active, wherever possible, which they feel is now more important than ever.

They expect to be rolling out more details on what support they will be offering the sector as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, they have announced they’re ramping up the effort to support people to stay active, even if confined mostly to their homes, with the new ‘Join the Movement’ #StayInWorkOut campaign.

The campaign will:

  • Provide a web hub with curated home workout options from popular fitness brands and influencers, like Les Mills on Demand, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and FIIT, many of whom are offering free and extended trials to help people get easy access to home exercise. 
  • Encourage people to go outside for one piece of exercise a day, in line with government advice.
  • Build a movement by asking people to share their own hints, tips and home-based exercise inspiration using #StayInWorkOut. 

As we all commit to the shared national priority to stay in, save lives and protect the NHS, they believe that #StayInWorkOut will be an important way for people to come together, be part of a positive movement and connect, even while staying apart.

So, as well as supporting the campaign ourselves we’re asking our partners to do the same in the following two ways.

Social media support:

  • Share your support of the campaign using #StayInWorkOut – through your social media accounts.
  • Follow the @stayinworkout Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Retweet or repost any content from the campaign accounts that you feel is relevant to your audience.
  • Share the link to the official campaign website:

Content creation:

  • Think about content that your organisation could create that will encourage people that usually take part in physical activity to stay active? Sport England has created artwork to help you to do this, as well as some initial social media assets which you can use with your own imagery and branding.

The campaign accounts are:

There will be much more to follow as this campaign builds.

Thank you for any support you can provide to help put sport and physical activity at the centre of how people navigate these current uncertain times.

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