We Are Undefeatable

You may well already have spotted that the exciting new ‘We Are Undefeatable’ campaign and movement launched on Thursday ( #WeAreUndefeatable). It’s designed to inspire and support people with long-term health conditions to be active, with the primary audience being people aged 30+.

The campaign has already gone out via social media and national press, plus marketing materials have also been sent to GPs surgeries and pharmacies. It steps up a gear today, with the first ever TV airing of the keynote advertisement, which is powerful, emotive and inspiring stuff. The team at MSP are confident it’s going to really resonate with the target audience!

So, we’re incredibly keen to make sure that not only the public, but also our partners here in Merseyside get the most out of this fantastic campaign, whether that be through, promoting what you do, upskilling, or boosting participation.

The campaign’s potential for behaviour change in Merseyside is huge given, for example, that:

  • 73% of people in Merseyside experiencing a mental health condition participate in no sport
  • 83,581 people in Merseyside are living with Diabetes
  • There were 16,768 premature deaths in Merseyside due to Coronary Heart Disease between 2013-15

To help we’ve launched 2 dedicated web pages, which we’ll be evolving as the campaign builds:

Plus, we’ll be sending out updates via our social media channels:

We’re also inviting partners to contact us with information about activity services or sessions which are suitable for people with long-term health conditions, which we’ll happily promote to our network under the banner of ‘We Are Undefeatable’.

Equally if you have any ideas around leveraging the campaign that you’d like to have a chat with us about, to see where we could add value for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to making a change together for people living with long-term health conditions here in Merseyside.

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