Winter School Games in Merseyside 2020

The School Games in Merseyside is, understandably, taking a break at the moment in response to the current crisis.

However, although we had to cancel the second half of the planned winter programme, it doesn’t take away from the amazing events that took place earlier in the season. 473 participants and 64 schools were able to take part in four Merseyside School Games events, including – basketball, badminton and gymnastics.

It was another successful festival of sports and it was great to see the schools not only giving their best, but also having fun. 

This year we also introduced two ‘Spirit of the Games Festival’ events, centred on the values of the School Games, which are teamwork, passion, respect, self-belief, determination and honesty. The festival gave an opportunity to children who don’t regularly participate in the School Games to experience what a county final is like. 

Planning is taking place right now with the network of School Games Organisers in Merseyside to shape what the summer festival could look like in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. The focus will be on finding ways to make sure children can still enjoy a really special and enjoyable sport experience, even if it means delivering it virtually. Watch this space.

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